UPFRONT | Genesis | express your voice, unleash your creativity & birth your projects

UPFRONT | Genesis | express your voice, unleash your creativity & birth your projects


Genesis is a program for you to unfurl who you really are, what you’re really here to say and what you’re here to create.  This is not a simple program where we make a plan and kick you out of the nest at completion, wiping our hands of you.


This is a new way of living, speaking and creating and will serve you long after this program is finished.  It is equally supportive and stretching, and will nurture you while you nurture your creativity into being.  


This is not a how-to program with tutorials and behind the scenes rundowns - that’s why we have google.  Genesis will take you through a total body experience to create projects, concepts, pieces and works that light you the fuck up. If a how-to program is the entreé, consider Genesis the degustation experience.


4 x Fortnightly group calls. 

2 x personal zoom calls with me for private guidance. 

Fortnightly audio guidance recordings

An energised facebook temple

Weekly concept drops and works to integrate into your life 

Weekly challenges to call you in to higher alignment with your creativity

An exclusive member portal with videos & content 

The opportunity to birth your own creation throughout the program and to have my personal participation in it’s becoming.

This course will be:


8 weeks

Commencing October 14, 2019 - Sunday 8 December, 2019

Involved without being intense

Playful without being messy

Accessible without being for everyone 

Energetically sound without being woo-woo

Brand new without being confusing

Specific without being unrelatable 

Hands-on without being task-oriented

Simple without being basic

Clear without being blatantly obvious

You will walk away with:

A new relationship to your creativity

The genesis of a personal creation practice 

Alignment and expression of your truth, consistently 

A masterful plan to birth your creations (that will serve you forever, not just during the program)

Integration of the keys to creativity into your life

Ongoing access to inspired ideas, concepts and projects that come straight from your heart (no external #inspo required)

Embodiment of the silence, listen, speak protocol

An understanding of the higher faculties of being which lead to more powerful creations

A brand new perspective on life, creativity, business and your relationship to yourself.

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