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The meeting place for autonomous, driven, self aware and willing women to thrive in wellness-focused entrepreneurship.

a delicate balance of community & self-government


I help women set themselves free by creating their own profitable, fun + connected wellness businesses. 

Just over 4 years ago I purchased DoTERRA essential oils.  I started with the smallest kit possible, and I dabbled skeptically for a couple months.  Soon enough, they gathered dust and a prime position on the top shelf in my spare room. 

At the time, I didn't have a big enough drive to change my life. Nothing was "wrong".  No one depended on me.  My health was good. And truthfully, ignorance was bliss when it came to the products I was using. 

But there's a couple of things that changed it all for me, and helped me to open my eyes QUICKLY:

motherhood & mental health. 

And so, when my surprise twin bundle was rapidly growing, so too were my stress and anxiety levels. 

When I made the call to my oil lovin' friend, Alice, she said to me, "Britty, you need some lavender and frankincense.  Just drop it in your palms and breathe in".

The rest is history, and I've never looked back. 

I've been teaching and educating women about the natural health and wellness that is available to us RIGHT NOW. 

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The model of your doTERRA business is so simple:

You are rewarded when you help others grow and succeed.


There is not a single person who would not benefit in some way from doTERRA essential oils.

doTERRA has been around for 10 years and has become the most powerful and impactful company in the natural health space, seriously disrupting the health industry with research, products and integrity that is unparalleled.   Here's why:

It works.

With over 3,000 published studies available online to account for their therapeutic benefits, safety and unmatched purity, the evidence for the benefits of DoTERRA essential oils is insurmountable. 

As a company, we have a 68% retention rate (the normal industry standard is 10%) for our 7million+ customers globally. 

The products are easy - consumers can use their oils all day, every day for support ranging from headaches and muscle cramps, to unstable moods and fatigue.  There is a space for essential oils in every single home.  

The compensation plan is incomparable. 

DoTERRA are known as the company that gets the most people out of debt. And the compensation plan is geared this way.  It's built to support residual income that will support you through every age and stage of life.  This plan is not built to suck you in with immediate lump sums or what is typically called a "get rich quick" method.  Rather, this plan is set up to afford you security, stability, sustainability and true abundance. 

Will you have to work for it? Yes. 

Does everyone succeed? No. 

Why not? Because very few are willing to put their heart and head in the game entirely without giving themselves a way to "get out" when the going gets tough (and it will).  The business will stretch you and evolve you, and you need to be willing to navigate that in order to succeed.  This company will grow you as a human, just as much as it will grow you as a business owner. 

Talking of money…

In this world, there are three pretty standard ways we make money:

1. Earned income: exchanging your time for money (and time is our most valuable asset, especially when you have a growing family!).

2. Investment income: having a portfolio where your money is invested in stocks, bonds, funds etc.

3. Passive/residual income: network marketing, or selling online products such as eBooks, online programs.


But in doTERRA land (yes, it's a place - you'll see), there are 5 ways you’ll earn money (and they don't require a clock on/off card, clock watching or counting down to the weekend). 

The model of your doTERRA business is so simple:

You are rewarded when you help others grow and succeed. 

By now, there are two questions you’ll want to ask yourself:

These are the questions that Alice asked me, and they are now the questions I ask every person that is considering starting a doTERRA business:


1. If you do nothing differently, would you be happy five years from now, being in the same spot you are today?

2. Does your current income stream have a ceiling? (Basically, can you earn endless income, or are you capped by salary, hours worked, qualifications, progression opportunities, etc.)

If your answers/head/heart/gut know that you are in need of a change, I'd love to welcome you into our thriving Team Heart community - where building a wellness business so you can FREE YOURSELF is our mission. 

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Team Heart & You

Who you partner with really matters.

The team you choose will provide the support, collaboration, connection and training to help you achieve your goals.


It always starts with a magical product experience (take your pick of frankincense, peppermint, or lavender ... these oils blow minds).

You'll order your oils and they will (without any doubt) blow your mind.

You promptly form a deep, inseparable and irrevocable bond with them. And, simply and effectively, you're bonded for life.

In the beginning, you're forming the habit of using your oils consistently and with ease (this is key - no beautiful oils business is birthed when we're not connected to the foundation that grounds that business; the oils themselves).  And soon after, your oils effortlessly become a part of your everyday wellness routine. 

Very quickly, you see real, tangible results in all aspects of your life – spiritually, physically and emotionally.

Knowing that you have one of the greatest secrets in the palm of your hand (and in your bathroom, kitchen, nostrils, belly, skin and brain) you feel compelled and inspired to pay it forward.  

The gift of health and wellness that was passed to you, is now being called to be passed on by you. 


(It actually feels so unfair to simply call it a business, but for all intents and purposes, we'll roll with it)

The beautiful comrades of Team Heart (including myself) will partner with you to cultivate your authentic style of teaching, leadership and messaging, and we'll provide the foundation from which you will grow your business in your own soulful and wonderful way. 

You’re provided free training, mentoring and resources, irrespective of time zone, location, or schedules. 


  • You know you don't NEED anything to get started

  • You are willing to begin without being an expert

  • You understand that your experience and your contribution are equal

  • You are willing to grow and be challenged, all while still being YOU 

  • You have a sovereign relationship with time, and "I don't have time" doesn't live in your vocab 

  • You can't help but share your message

  • You're sick of choosing between things that matter to you - motherhood, a career, a social life and financial freedom are all possible. 

  • You froth wellness, of all sorts

  • You seek diversity and agility in your life

  • You are prepared to be bold and live life outside of your current constraints

  • You will invest in yourself - however you are called to do so

  • You understand that you are the CEO of your business from day 1 - it's no one else's fault

  • You understand that your thoughts, decisions, actions, and business are your responsibility


  • You'd like precise examples before having a crack

  • You like a leader that will pander to your needs

  • You like living in the constructs of processes and procedures

  • You are not willing to be a teacher and a student at the same time

  • You do not see value in investing in yourself

  • You enjoy pleasantries, rather than depth and inquiry

  • You are not willing to go deep on the stuff that clouds your gifts

  • You let fear stop you from beginning (but maybe you're great at getting prepared)

  • You are scared of standing so firmly in your own magnificent light, so you very rarely express yourself fully

  • You like dabbling in things, but don't plan on dedicating specified time to tasks

  • (You're more of a "I'll get to it later" kinda gal)

  • You're a perfectionist, and need people to see you this way

  • Wellness and health are not core values of yours

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The Investment.



When you join The Heart Culture Team, you’ll receive:

  • A 45min 1:1 welcome call and membership overview with me valued at $150.

  • Opening Your Kit eBook with everything you need to get started valued at $19.

  • 60 minute business launch & strategy call after 2 weeks of having your oils valued at $300. 

  • Regular 1:1 mentoring within your first 90-days via Voxer app. Valued at $750.

  • Complete in-depth online self-study programs and team training for your Oils and Launching Your Business, so you can educate yourself in this business in your own time (BYO coffee). Valued at $1000.

  • Online and in-person opportunities to connect with our beautiful tribe coffee and biz training sessions (priceless)

  • Pre-made educational content and material for you to edit and share with your community which I have personally built over 2 years. Valued at $1250

  • Fortnightly team calls with guest appearances for successful business women, high level strategy conversation, and team learning opportunities

  • Access to our free Ignite Your Biz program, lead by 6 six-figure women (including me), which runs 3 times per year valued at $200

The total value of joining my team is well over $3,000 and it’s all included; free of charge and packed with love when you purchase your doTERRA Starter Kit through me.

The investment

1) You choose your doTERRA essential oils starter kit - there are two I recommend and I’ve included them on the shop page.

2) To earn commission with doTERRA, you just order your monthly doTERRA Wellness Box each month for your personal use. The order needs to be a minimum of 100pv (pv = points value) which is roughly $150-$200 in dollar value. This is your only business investment and remains the same no matter how much income you earn (yes, this is really the ONLY expense you have - amazing, right?)

You can cancel your monthly order at any time (you're not locked into anything) and when you mentor with me, my first goal is to show you exactly how to cover your monthly business investment so that receiving your monthly oils is even more pleasurable.

(And then our next goal together is to help you start earning even more than that, depending on your business activity, goals and pace).

And if you purely want to be a customer, there are no minimum order requirements.