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I’M BRITTANY EASTMAN: Creativepreneur, writer, health advocate, mother, mind speaker and arena dweller. 

I design and develop experiences that help women unlock their infinite creativity & birth their unique creations.

I help women get back into their heart through fun, enjoyable, connection-centred and profitable online wellness businesses.

I write from my heart, with the hope that it impacts one person at a time.

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I help women get back in the driver's seat of their health, and make health choices that feel good in the heart and soul. 

I speak often of Earth Wisdom.  That is, the wisdom residing in and around the very Earth we stand on.  There are hidden (and powerful) treasures within our Earth that are known to many indigenous cultures, but have been forgotten or squashed in the west; essential oils.

Allow me to introduce them to you.



Writing is my favourite thing to do. Literally, my favourite thing to do … ever. My innermost thoughts live in the notes of my iPhone, my google drive and my journals. Writing for me is catharsis personified. I've always loved the written word and have made it my mission to create serious change in the way we all express ourselves, by more acutely expressing my own truth.

I created a blog to connect with you more deeply and to connect you with the tools and practices that have helped me over the course of my life. I talk about business, health, motherhood, work, goals and family (or anything, really!).


MY mission



collaborate with resistance & BIRTH THE


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About me


Let me give you the short version …

So, you wanna get to know me a little? 

Well, I’m just a girl from a dusty country Victorian town, and I’ve grown up to become a coast lovin’, health-centric, writing obsessed woman with twin daughters, a penchant for lengthy blog posts and a compulsive love for unfurling who I really am. 

My life has taken many shapes, but there’s one thing that has remained a truth for me, and that is; the older we become, the more we return to our childhood essence.  

As a child, I was flexible, relaxed, placid (with a healthy supply of fierceness and feist) and a dreamer.  Throughout my life, I’ve travelled away from my truth more times than I can count. I worked in the health and fitness industry for over a decade, I worked in retail management, events, HR & recruitment, and even did a stint in hospitality. 

The part I find fascinating about my whole life, is that at times, it has seemed so disparate and as though it made no sense at all, but as I approach my 30th birthday, I can look back on each of the hats I’ve worn and clearly see how they have led me to this very moment in time with the exact skill set and perspective I currently have. 

These days, you’ll find me returning to my childhood essence - flexible, dreaming, imagining, creating, and playing.  

I’m a writer.  That is, I love to write something every single day.  You can dive into my writings via my blog, my eBooks, my ‘gram, in my programs and my online wellness business. 

I am a business woman.  Yes, I am a creator and a business person.  My approach to business and art is the same; to meet it at the intersection of art, commerce, inspiration and mindfulness.  I believe in being compensated handsomely for my contribution and service. I know my worth, and I want that for you too. 

I am a leader.  Leading is in my blood.  From being School Captain in primary school, I’ve just kept on doing it.  I fall into leadership roles naturally, and feel at home here. My approach to leadership is not to coach, or tell or cheerlead.  Ugh. No. My approach to leadership is to guide you back home to YOURSELF. I love this approach because what I want more than anything is for every woman to be a self-governed and sovereign being.  

You will always find me investing in myself and my own growth.  I will never ever stop becoming the woman I’m destined to be. I believe in this for everyone. 

I’m also a mother to twin daughters and wife to an excellent man.  I love to be the greatest example to my family of living into my potential, and I love that my daughters will see me continuing to step into my destiny, so they know that perfectionism is total bullshit.  

To experience my craft and leadership, head over to the GENESIS tab to join my signature program, had over to the JOIN tab to learn more about partnering with me to create your own wellness business (from anywhere in the world), download my free offerings for you on the FOR YOU tab, or indulge in my writings on the BLOG.


Brittany x